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Thursday, February 05, 2009

[Self-regulation fail?]
On my way home last night I was watching the news and In Parliament. During Prime Minister's dialogue last year, PM had asked young Singaporeans to watch that programme.

Budget debate aside, I felt that something stuck out like a sore thumb.

But before we go there, Rear-Admiral Lui Tuck Yew had sent a signal to Singaporeans that blogs or the Internet for that matter are being monitored by the Government. Though the Government does not respond to whatever they read, I think what they do is they aggregate a "hot" issue and then give their take on that in public or mainstream media. I am not against that. Neither am I arguing that since they monitor, they should respond. Since they have already designated proper channels for feedback through REACH, so be it.

The one thing that I felt stuck out like a sore thumb is the use of one incident to justify or purport that the self-regulation of the Internet "is not an effective self-regulated regime as some may have touted it to be".

Rear-Admiral Lui was referring to comments which were made in response to the attack on fellow MP Seng Han Thong. Well, I do not know Mr Seng personally so I am in no position to judge what was said. But clearly, I strongly feel that we should not just look at one particular incident.

If I may counter his words, I had seen many encouraging statements and comments on Facebook which wished Mr Seng well. There was also a Facebook group started to rally support and wish him well. Clearly, we cannot afford to make such fallacious judgments based on one incident.

It's as though I'm saying that Rear-Admiral Lui doesn't bother to listen to young Singaporeans because he did not respond to an email which I sent him. You get the picture? As for that email which I sent, I am still quite unsure why he did not reply. I'm puzzled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not all emails are answered..just like sms and snail mail.If you really want to talk to him,just give him a direct call(if u can).

Friday, February 06, 2009 11:33:00 am

Blogger Ephraim Loy 黎传志 said...

Usually there's an interim reply. I'll ask him when I see him again.

Friday, February 06, 2009 12:18:00 pm

Blogger Aaron said...

Well written piece. I wonder who's been feeding him this misinformation.

Friday, February 06, 2009 5:06:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

people who say nasty things about the injured MP is really voicing their anger at the govt per se. The MP is just a symbol of the ruling elites (the E word again). any idiot can see/sense that.

Monday, February 09, 2009 10:53:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


What is the real underlying reason behind those posts? An MP is an avatar of the party he represents and it is to the party the main bulk of these comments are directed at. Instead of addressing the real issues, Lui decides to rail against bloggers with his childishly constructed argument.

Almost seemed like comic relief to divert attention away from the budget and economy!

Jeez, I don't believe we have yokels like him representing our interests. First we have Charles 'Mere Mortals' Chong and now we have Lui 'play ground logic' Tuck Yew... what's wrong with our leaders?

Monday, February 09, 2009 11:15:00 pm

Blogger Ephraim Loy 黎传志 said...

If I read you correctly, you feel that people are using their unhappiness with some MPs to project what they feel about the Government. For example, when Mas Selamat escaped, people attacked Wong Kan Seng to express their displeasure. Similarly, the same thing happened for Seng Han Thong. So it is not a case of displeasure for the person but the system.

If that argument holds true, incidents against opposition MPs may not have a similar effect.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:58:00 am


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