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Sunday, February 15, 2009

[Social networking tools]
Just a moment ago, an alert on my Plurk sounded. Someone had just posted an update.

In between studying for my test on Social Stratification next week, I am simultaneously on Adium, Plurk, Twitter and Facebook. One would find me more active on Plurk lately. It's a social networking tool and there are several Singaporeans using it. I am unsure of the actual numbers but Plurk is one tool that is picking up here as compared to Twitter.

If you recall, Barack Obama had used Twitter during his campaign. in Singapore, Plurk is preferred to Twitter according to Hitwise statistics which I had access to as part of my Digital Media class.

There are so many interesting things that are evolving on the Internet. And all these tool can converge and be harnessed to one's advantage. Talk about a digital divide. It makes me wonder.


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