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Sunday, April 12, 2009

[The aftermath of the ASEAN Summit protests]
I received an email slightly after midnight to inform me that Minister is back home safely.

It is very unfortunate that the ASEAN Summit and other meetings with leaders from India, China, South Korea and Japan have stalled at a time where cooperation on the looming economic crisis is critical.

Further, an agreement on investment with China which was supposed to be signed was hampered by the cancellation.

A statement to condemn the actions of North Korea's missile tests were highly anticipated as well.

But news sites seem to play up the security issues and concerns that involve the demonstrations. And that was the point that was reiterated by Singapore as well in an MFA statement.

"Singapore knows that the Thai Government has put in maximum effort to host successful Summits, but in the end it decided to ensure the safety of the delegates ahead of other considerations. We support and understand the decision and hope that these Summits will be reconvened as soon as possible."

We can only hope for better times and stability in Thailand. That is of concern as Thailand has several major summits to host till the end of the year as Chair of ASEAN.


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