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Sunday, April 19, 2009

[Dialogue with Residents of Chartwell NC]
They laughed when I recalled that the last time I met residents of Chartwell NC was during a rainy, windy evening when the only subject of interest was the proposed dormitory for foreign workers. This time, we met at a resident's house at Penhurst Place. The mood was much more relaxed. We started by congratulating Lim Hwee Hua on becoming Singapore's first woman minister. There was some interest about my recent experience at Pattaya.

One lady worried about the lack of information about safety provided to Singaporeans who travel to other countries. Another raised the issue of inconsiderate cyclists, the maintenance of covered drains and better amenities for those on wheelchairs. There were a number of questions about the economy - how long this downturn would be, help for those who can't service their mortgage loans, dependence on foreign workers. Hwee Hua and I answered the questions as best we could. Before the session concluded, we took some group pictures.

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