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Monday, April 06, 2009

[Jogging at Bedok Reservoir]
This evening, a group of us jogged around Bedok Reservoir which is a 4.3km circuit. Some came in response to my Facebook invitation. The others were my regular kakis. After the afternoon rain, the weather was perfect. In fact, as I was striding, I thought to myself how beautiful it was. I was in good form today and clipped one minute off my last week's timing.

When we adjourned to the fitness corner, I did my usual post-run chin ups in between chatting with other runners who were resting or stretching. Looking in the direction of the water, we could see the sun setting. Next to the fitness corner, an area has been neatly sealed off by a fence where the site for the Berlin Wall is being prepared.

A regular runner whom I chatted with complained about the maintenance of the public toilet. He was a little embarrassed to raise it with me, explaining that he had complained before to no effect. I thanked him and promised to follow up.

Henry, the mobilisation i/c for my jogging at Bedok Reservoir, took some pictures. He is pretty fit, taking pictures while I was running, then running ahead to position himself for more pictures, repeating this quite a few times.

Those interested in joining us should get in touch with me through Facebook. I don't jog often because of my work schedule but if there is an available window, I'll call up Henry and he'll SMS everyone.

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