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Saturday, April 11, 2009

[Minister Yeo's Facebook updates of ASEAN Summit situation]
I have posted Minister Yeo's Facebook updates on the situation at the ASEAN Summit in Pattaya. The ASEAN Summit has been cancelled as of now.

00:43 - George Yeo will be joining PM for a whole day of meetings on Holy Saturday

10:37 - George Yeo is waiting to be told when Chinese and Korean delegations are able to clear through demos before meetings can begin

13:11 - George Yeo is worried for ASEAN's reputation. Stand-off continues with a number of non-ASEAN leaders stuck in their own locations away from the conference centre.

14:21 - George Yeo is deeply disappointed that the ASEAN plus meetings have been cancelled because the red shirts have broken through the gates and moved into the conference centre. Had to stop lunch halfway.

15:30 - George Yeo finds the unfolding situation surreal. Helicopters are whirring overhead and naval boats are coming to shore evacuating delegates while by the poolside are sunbathing tourists and at sea windsurfers are still zipping about.

17:16 - George Yeo Flying home By RSAF plane soon. Thanks for everyone's good wishes.


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