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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Political changes heartening]
I wanted to go for today's Parliament sitting. In fact I went there but was not properly dressed and I was not allowed to enter! So I didn't manage to hear PM Lee deliver his speech on Singapore's political changes. But I managed to read the points of his speech online.

I must admit that I am heartened by the changes and I am happy not because it was what I predicted but more importantly, it would allow Singaporeans more choice.

My two measures of a good politician are this: Firstly, the politician's debates in Parliament. Secondly, the politicians' attitudes and behaviour on the ground.

Changes to the NMP and NCMP system would allow more politicians to enter the fray. Singaporeans then get to hear what opposition MPs have to offer, how they conduct themselves in Parliament and whether their views represent the people.

Singaporeans would then have greater choice to choose and see more constructive debates in Parliament. The playing field would be seen as a more level playing field.

The changes made to the size of GRCs would allow smaller GRCs. Political parties who want to contest can do so now and not be disadvantage as compared to in previous years where the numbers required were much bigger.

I think at the end of the day, it is Singaporeans that will benefit from these changes. And this makes the next General Elections more interesting to watch just because we have more choice. And because Singaporeans deserve the best system Singapore can offer.


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