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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Smaller Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) are possible]
I was almost going to sleep . I turned off my lights. There I was lying on the bed and thinking. Suddenly something struck me and I decided that I should blog about it.

A few months ago a classmate of mine, in a discussion of Singapore's political, economic and civil spheres, asked the class and questioned the rational for having more ministers in the Cabinet. The move may indeed be the early stages of a plan for a new political system.

Consider this: If GRCs are going to grow smaller, and if each continue to be helmed by an anchor minister, what is missing in this picture? No prizes for guessing! More ministers!

One way to confirm this is how the political boundaries would be redrawn would then be to look at the people who have been promoted and see if this fits into the jigsaw logically.

I can't really recall off hand the number of new ministers that were added and who they are, but this sounds like a probable scenario. Until the Prime Minister reveals his cards, this could very well be pure speculation but who knows!


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