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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen]
I am not a Transformers fan but I may have been hooked after watching the second installment of the movie. On Monday, omy.sg had invited me to attend the VIP Premiere.

The movie is awesome and one feature throughout it is the explosive action - the robots descend to earth from outer space and make their way up from deep down in the sea.

Overall, I found it seemingly hilarious. The interaction between humans and Transformer robots can be quite funny at times. There are also the emotional bits ( especially when Optimus Prime "dies").

The plot for the movie is very straightforward and apart from the flashback from the opening scene, the rest is very much in chronological order. Several important lessons in the movie were played out - the trust between humans and robots, and the trust amongst humans.

I also felt that the movie had parallels to the Da Vinci Code - mysteries and riddles to solve along the way and the travels to different countries to solve the mysteries.

Towards the end, there the usual "good versus evil" battle. No prizes for guessing the final scene.

For someone who is not a Transformers fan, I am convinced that future Transformer movies will continue to be awesome. That is provided it is another collaboration between Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.


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