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Monday, July 20, 2009

[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]
Having just come back from a different time zone, I half expected to be dozing off during the movie. But for those of us who're fans of Harry Potter, the movie was absorbing. There were many bits I could not piece together immediately but that didn't affect the enjoyment of the special effects and the subtle characterisations. Though long, time passed by quickly and unnoticed. Expecting still a large chunk ahead, I zipped out to the toilet only to discover when I came back that the movie was almost over.

This was Youth Empire's annual movie event. It was nice to be among young people. I was glad to fly home in time from the NAM Summit in Egypt to see the show with my family. My kids are about Harry Potter's age and grew up with him. We've watched all of them together except for this latest (one overseas, one down with a cough). Watching Harry, Ron and Hermione mature reminded me and my wife of our own children growing up.

There are still two more Harry Potter movies to go. Sometimes I wish they would never end.


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