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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[Opening of NKF Hougang-Punggol Dialysis Centre]
On Sunday morning, the new NKDF dialysis centre at Hougang-Punggol was officially opened providing an important facility for residents living in the area. I did the honours with fellow MP Yeo Guat Kwang and NKF Chairman Gerard Ee.

This project started at the height of the TT Durai scandal when Singaporeans lost confidence in NKF. At that time, there were calls to close down NKF and for the government to take over. One evening, Mr Lee Bock Guan of the Singapore Buddhist Lodge leaned over to me at a dinner function proposing that the various religious groups in Singapore make a special effort to raise money for NKF in a show of support. I replied that the public response would be negative. However, his good intentions weighed on me. Later that evening, I counter-proposed that instead of raising money for NKF generally, we raise money to build a dialysis centre which would help kidney patients. He agreed immediately and pledged to get others to join in. When I called Gerard Ee the follow day, he said it was a good idea. I knew that Guat Kwang's division had need of such a centre. He was enthusiastic and said he would involve the local community - grassroots organisations, coffee shops etc. The Buddhist Lodge and various Taoist organisations under Mr Tan Thiam Lye's leadership made major contributions. Other religious groups chipped in as well. One Sunday morning, Guat Kwang and I took part in a fund raising by coffee shops in his division.

Today NKF is functioning well again. Public confidence in it has been restored. The Hougang-Punggol Dialysis Centre is the fruit of all the good work put in by so many good people.

Mr Gerard Ee

Mr Yeo Guat Kwang

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