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Thursday, August 06, 2009

["Where Got Ghost?"]
When Jack Neo invited me for the gala premiere of his new movie "Where Got Ghost?", I accepted immediately. I've known him for a long time and was the Guest of Honour for one of his earliest movies "Liang Po Po". Later, he told friends that without a certain relaxation of our dialect policy in the early 90's, his movies could not have taken off.

Jack is a very sharp observer of our society. He sees the humour in many of our everyday complaints and frustrations. He also enjoys poking fun at the government from time to time which once provoked a response from PM. His movies have not only done well in Singapore, they also have a following in Malaysia, which is not surprising, and Taiwan as well, which is a little surprising.

"Where Got Ghosts?" is a movie in three parts, each a morality tale about greed, cutting corners and chasing after riches. They are about 4D gambling, NS and filial piety (following Money No Enough Part II), subjects near and dear to many Singaporeans. Jack has invented a new English word "horr-medy". You've heard of tragi-comedy. Well, this is a new genre we can be proud of.

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