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Sunday, July 03, 2011

[How you can participate in NDP11]
Whether you are watching this year's National Day Parade live from The Float@Marina Bay or on television, be prepared to interact and participate. This is because there are more opportunities to do so.

Kicking off the parade is a segment of popular songs - so get ready to sing (and dance) to the beat. There will also be a funny Fun Pack Song and a special MRT rap which you can learn and sing along too.

As this year's show is a musical in five acts, do also expect to have some emotional moments as the story revolves round a family and its community. Relive past memories of Singapore's history as these are weaved into the story. Overall, it is a good attempt to string various segments into a coherent story. And sing along with the cast comprising familiar faces on television and the arts industry.

Towards the end, the Pledge Moment is another area which everyone (in Singapore) can participate in. You will know that it is time to say the pledge when you hear the SCDF siren on 9 August.


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