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Friday, July 08, 2011

[Stage secrets revealed]
You might think that the stage for this year's NDP looks ordinary.

But if you go beyond the facade your perspective of the stage will change.

My journey behind the scenes begins as I tread on the actor's bridge. Then after a turn a metallic structure that floats on water follows.

The walk doesn't take long. Just a few minutes or so. But the transformation is vast. I suddenly find myself some two-and-a-half meters below the stage.

Metal structures are everywhere. And soon I discover some secrets. Like how props suddenly appear onstage. It's not magic! You will see why.

All this was made possible by the efforts of the Infrastructure & Decorations Committee - from the planning stage to what it is today.

And before I catch my breath, it is time to head to The Cube. I take a short walk up another ramp and arrive at the foot of the seven storey structure. There are props from the various segments of the show hidden away - a mock MRT train, a glittering "ship" and kampung houses.

The "ship" hidden under The Cube

A kampung house hidden behind a Stage Drawer

On the second floor I enter into one cube - known as the "Mother Cube" where Mother (played by Sharon Au), frequently appears throughout the show.

This is the "Mother Cube"

Mobile Cubes (left and centre) and a Mobile Standee (right)

And as I climb up the floors I see more and more Mobile Cubes. The projections on the Mobile Standees are created by tiny light emitting diodes and projectors.

So when you catch the NDP you will know how the special effects are done. Hope it doesn't spoil the fun. It is amazing how everything fits nicely into one - and that is The Cube.

Until the actual parade, one will never truly discover every secret. This is because, like they say, change is the only constant.


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