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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[Still caught in a Bad Romance?]
While netizens are caught in a "Bad Romance" between a certain NDP song and its lyrics, it is important to bear in mind the bigger picture - the nation's birthday - and show solidarity, embrace the Singapore Spirit and deal with what lies ahead.

Just like what Creative Director of the NDP11, Beatrice Chia-Richmond said at this morning's Media Brief. When asked if she would step up and be part of the team a year ago she told the audience that she "said 'yes' (to the offer) in a heartbeat". In A Hearbeat is also the title of this year's NDP Theme Song.

Having had a sneak preview of NDP, I am pleased to note the many breakthroughs in terms of the creative elements. And effort has been made to stick to the storyline of the show in various aspects - bits of the Theme Song anchor emotional moments in the integrated musical and will be interspersed on screens during the performance.

NDP11's Multimedia Designer, 31-year-old Brian Gothong Tan, explained that he had made an effort to keep to the storyline of the musical in his direction of the music video for this year's Theme Song.

Shot over three days in various parts of Singapore (including Pulau Ubin and Seletar Camp), the music video depicts a boy's life set against the backdrop of Singapore's changing landscape from 1965 and beyond.

Another creative element which will wow the audience is the floor projections. These will appear in various segments.

Floor projections add colour to the stage

The multimedia team comprises national servicemen, students from Nanyang polytechnic and Singapore polytechnic

Together the images on the stage floor and visual effects on The Cube, a seven-storey structure, will add to the ingredients of a spectacular show.

Now, if only we could put that "Bad Romance" behind us and bask in the atmosphere of our nation's 46th birthday. Oh o o o o o o o o


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