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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[That's Nathan Hartono]
Jazz singer Nathan Hartono will be up to something different at this year's National Day Parade. For those that recall, he charmed spectators at the NDP 2008 with a jazz rendition of "Where I Belong".

During an interview with him in 2008, he said that he wasn't stressed with his first major appearance at a National Day Parade. Though he had performed during the heartland version in 2006, his stint three years ago was his biggest involvement so far. Here's what the Anglo-Chinese Junior College student said back then.

"(I’m) …definitely very proud because it is a big show and it is for the country and I have never done anything (of such a) wide scale. Also, it is ‘live’ TV so it is very scary but let’s wait and see what happens."

This time, Nathan, who is serving his national service at the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company, will be rapping instead! Although he tells me that he would not be on stage come 9 August, his vocals and footage of the music video that was shot previously will be seen and heard by spectators in Act 4: Progress.

Singapore's transformation into a metropolitan city is depicted in this act. And the rap is about the MRT.

Nathan Hartono (right)

Since he won't be performing, what will Nathan Hartono be doing on National Day then?

"Gather some friends and maybe catch the parade on TV," he says.


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