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Sunday, July 24, 2011

[Uniformed highlights]
Her involvement in this year's NDP will just be slightly more than the duration of the national anthem but the work is no less.

For C/LTA Nur Hafizah the perfect execution of her military drills is what she will be working towards in the lead up to August 9.

"Flag drills are new to me. I get nervous at times but it keeps getting better rehearsal after rehearsal," she says.

And the key challenge to making it perfect lies in communicating with the rest of the flag bearers.

C/LTA Nur Hafizah from National Cadet Corps (Sea)

Executing of flag drills for the Majulah Moment

The 20-year-old Republic Polytechnic student, who recently graduated with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences, will join 10 other students from various uniformed groups in the Majulah Moment - one of the highlights of this year's Parade and Ceremony segment.

Being part of this means that Nur Hafizah will be holding the state flag. This once-in-a-lifetime experience makes her feel "proud of her country".

1WO Eddie Heng from HQ Guards explains that eight students will unveil the flag while three others are responsible for raising it. The flag will be passed on by individuals from the older generation to the young students. This is done symbolically to share and pass on the Singapore Spirit.

The state flag being handed over to the students

Raising of the state flag

The state flag and 25-pounder guns (right)

Can you spot C/LTA Nur Hafizah?

Adding to the line-up of this year's Parade and Ceremony is the Onward March. This is executed by contingents from the Singapore Armed Forces and the Home Team.

Preparing to march into the midst of the audience

Onward March

Men from the Singapore Civil Defence Force preparing to march to the Gallery

Men from the Republic of Singapore Air Force marching at the Gallery


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