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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last night marked my first attempt at running for the year - and a visit back to the streets of Hougang.

Maybe slightly inspired by the Singapore Memory Project, a sudden writing streak hit me. So I started penning down my thoughts with perspiration trickling down my HTC Sensation with Beats Audio. I managed to write a poem as the words flowed.

It brings back memories of the past and documents my journey - a walk, run - crossing from the Hougang areas of Bedok Reservoir-Punggol (Aljunied GRC) to Ang Mo Kio GRC where I live. A journey back home.

Time to race on
It must have been long
since I walked the streets.

Memories flash by.
Block visits - up and down the stairs,
that National Day Observance Ceremony,
oh, that grass patch.

Workers paint the road dividers at night,
starting anew, I whisper.

Sitting in the coffee shops as the hands tick,
the lights flicker, and a cockroach crawls by.
As I brisk walk from that old coffee shop,
voices turn into murmurs.

In a few steps I come to a halt, I press the button.
Red turns to green - 14 seconds, I say to myself.

There's time, there's time.
Then the noise of the cars
zoom, drowning out my muted spirit.
Alas, I reach the other side, continuing to race on.

I take a quick glance at a lit signboard.
It reads: our dream home.
Plucking up courage, quickly, I run,
my shoelace comes undone.

My feet get lighter every second
as I continue picking up speed.

The moment I falter,
the pain sets in.
But as soon as I know it,
I reach home.