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Monday, July 02, 2007

[What a blast]
Over the weekend, I found myself with hands full of things to do. Coming after a two-and-a-half weeks of reservist made it even tougher.

I used to lose my temper during my army days quite a bit. Perhaps one reason is because of the ineffectiveness of army and the 'rush to wait and wait to rush policy' which sucks big time. So usually after book-outs I become impatient and want things to move fast unlike in camp.

The first major thing that happened after my days in green was the launch of SHINE - Singapore's premiere youth festival.

I was asked to be the emcee for the event that was held at *scape youth park in somerset.

Project Superstars Daren, Diya and Sin Huey were the guest performers for the event. Sin Huey's pretty good looking while Daren and Diya mesmerised the crowd with their strong vocals - the key for their duet went higher and higher but they managed to pull it off.

Apart from the star performers, there was soccer fever where youths played against disabled counterparts and even motorcross demonstrations and try outs.

I managed a few rounds on the little motorcycle on the grass patch. I must say that I loved the throttle the most cause it almost felt like I was flying when I turned it to the max.

After a hectic seven hours at the launch I was off to the national stadium for the closing ceremony.

It was the last time the cauldron burned brightly. On Thursday there was a rehearsal and I managed to catch Kit Chan in the flesh (again). The last I saw her was for the NDP media conference.

For the early hours of the day of the closing I was one of the ushers at the south entrance. I did manage to catch a little of the soccer game between Singapore and Australia then I was off to the grandstand.

President and a few other MPs were in the stands. The view was excellent but I don't really watch soccer matches so I could not appreciate the view.

30 of us did a little change parade after the grandstand visit to join in the 600-strong contingent as we marched past the 45,000 people at the stadium.

It was an awesome performance as the strobe lights flickered round in the dark. After the song by Kit Chan, the skies were illuminated by blasts of fireworks.

And that was the swansong of the grand old dame.


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