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Monday, October 06, 2008

[F1 volunteers get up close with race drivers]
I was interviewed by omy.sg's Chiew Han Joo together with some of the other cool volunteers I met at the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. It was in Chinese but here's the English version (translated by SMU Office of Corporate Communications).

With the successful organisation of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix one must also not forget the numerous volunteers working behind the scenes to help ensure a successful and vibrant event. Some 1000 volunteers spent about nine-and-a-half days to prepare for the inaugural race, and also had to read through a 136-page volunteer manual! On the race days, they worked some 12 hours daily. Needless to say, they put in 100% enthusiasm!

omy caught up with four F1 volunteers and asked them to share their experiences with F1.
Ephraim Loy (SMU student)
Melvin Eng Yi Ming (SMU student)
Kenneth Lui (Singapore Polytechnic student)
Mabelline Ang (NTU student)

1. Why did you decide to be a F1 volunteer?
Melvin: To be able to watch the F1 race for free. This is also Singapore’s first time hosting the F1 night race, as an F1 fan, how can I miss this?
Kenneth: When news of Singapore hosting the F1 came out last year, I contacted the organisers and requested to be a volunteer.

2. What’s your most exciting F1 moment?
Kenneth: It's exciting when the cars try to overtake their opponents at the flag off point.
Melvin: The race atmosphere and the feeling as the cars go by that makes my heart beat faster!

3. What is your role as volunteers for the F1?
Ephraim: Kenneth and I were race observers where we needed to watch the race closely. If a car burst its tyres or gets into an accident, we were responsible for informing race control personnel about the situation.
Mabelline: Melvin and I are service marshals, we took care of all the other marshals’ welfare – providing them with adequate food and water. We also deliver service equipment such as brooms and fire extinguishers

4. Is it tiring to be a volunteer?
Ephraim: Our daily shifts span 12 hours, what do you think?
Kenneth: By the time it is 7pm, 8pm, it is harder to focus. Plus the weather is very hot!
Melvin: It is a challenge for a team of 20 service marshals to look after the needs of over 600 marshals

5. What are your final thoughts about the F1 race?
Kenneth: Fast cars, excitement and a lot of noise. Apart from that it is a great boost for tourism for Singapore!
Ephraim: Although it causes some inconvenience to the public but it puts Singapore on the world stage. I feel that it is a good thing.
Mabelline: With the experience of this year’s race organising the next one in 2009 will be a breeze.

6. What is your greatest gain of being part of the F1 race?
Kenneth: To be able to take photos with my favourite race drivers.
Mabelline: A sense of satisfaction at having been a part of the race and watching it!
Ephraim: I had gained a better understanding and appreciation of the race.

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