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Monday, October 06, 2008

[Mad about models]
Warning: The following post may not be suitable for children.

I was invited for the debut of French beauty and skin care Méthode Jeanne Piaubert's Singapore launch. Didn't know what to expect but I heard they had products not only for women but also for men. And there was a fashion show.

Famous makeup artist Marjorie Teo-Aldridge was there to do the make-up for the models and she did a live demonstration in less than 10 minutes.

She was using the range of Stendhal products to transform a very pretty model - I gushed when the model appeared. And I took a short video.

The final touches was to add lip gloss. Now I know why women take so long to get ready to go out. Apparently, Marjorie had to use a few tools just to do the eyes only - pencil, midnight blue eyeliner and the like. Doesn't she look pretty?

Just when I thought that it was going to get boring, the models were scheduled to appear - in lingerie. I have been to quite a few fashion shows but this was my first lingerie one. But it was exciting as I snapped away.

They sashayed right in front of me with products in their hands. It was my closest encounter so far.

They hawked beauty products and two fragrances. Both the fragrances smell great and they incorporate leather parts in their designs.

The men's version, called Pure Black, is musky and strong. It was inspired by Bugatti cars - which are handmade. I think they did so to project a luxurious image. That is something that men like to be associated with (think cars, watches, etc.) and they used a very sexy colour - black. It sort of reminded me of Indonesian artist Masriadi who uses the colour black in his works because black is a difficult colour to paint with and it tells of one's skills when the colour black is used adeptly.

The women's version is Faconnable. It's a floral scent and has a Peach-themed colour.

As the rest of the big bosses, who were dressed in black, posed for the final photo call I took one photo as well.

With the pretty models of course.

I heard they also have this 8-day slimming product that has two formulas - a day version and a night one. I think I have it somewhere in my goodie bag. And it is made for the men too! I may try it out soon.


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