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Friday, January 26, 2007

[Singapore happening]
I caught One Last Dance by homegrown Raintree Pictures yesterday.

It was a different and funny feeling seeing myself on the big screen.

Two years ago, in December, I was in the town area. I had a little part in the filming of the movie One Last Dance. It is finally released now. According to the people at Raintree Pictures, they wanted the film to premire at the Cannes Film Festival before releasing it.

The film was shot in Singapore and it's quite fun to spot places that you have been to before as you watch the movie.

Since I went to catch the movie yesterday, the cinema hall was pretty empty. But yeah, I do like quiet places.

Just like when I went sightseeing alone during a lesson break this week.

I travelled from Raffles Place MRT to One Fullerton.

Visited the two merlions (yes, there are two) at the Merlion Park.

The baby one was cute. It spouts water too but not as much as it's father (or is it mother?). Their grandfather must be Lee Kuan Yew. He opened the park on 15 September 1972 when he was the Prime Minister of Singapore.

In the movie One Last Dance, there is a scene of a pub. The water flickers in the night and there are shades of blue. This was shot under the Esplanade bridge. And I visited the site too as it was close to the Merlion Park.

But instead of shooting what was under the bridge, I decided to capture a part of the blue sky flanked by the two carriageways of the Esplanade bridge.

The journey continued to Victoria Theatre and Hill Street. And it ended back at my school, Singapore Management University. It's great to have a city campus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope. The grandfather Merlion is the one standing at Sentosa.

Friday, January 26, 2007 2:43:00 pm


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