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Sunday, January 13, 2013

[A random song]
Heartbreak, its where the pieces can never fit back
Sunshine, is what comes after the rain
Darkness, will somehow fade away
And life just goes on - it never stays the same

Loneliness, is when you hear the echo of your voice
Songs, when there are spirits of joy
Music, will stay in your head
For as long as you choose for it to be

Though deep inside the memories never fade
No matter how much you want it to
Clouds will always gather before a storm sets in
So it's always good to be prepared

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last night marked my first attempt at running for the year - and a visit back to the streets of Hougang.

Maybe slightly inspired by the Singapore Memory Project, a sudden writing streak hit me. So I started penning down my thoughts with perspiration trickling down my HTC Sensation with Beats Audio. I managed to write a poem as the words flowed.

It brings back memories of the past and documents my journey - a walk, run - crossing from the Hougang areas of Bedok Reservoir-Punggol (Aljunied GRC) to Ang Mo Kio GRC where I live. A journey back home.

Time to race on
It must have been long
since I walked the streets.

Memories flash by.
Block visits - up and down the stairs,
that National Day Observance Ceremony,
oh, that grass patch.

Workers paint the road dividers at night,
starting anew, I whisper.

Sitting in the coffee shops as the hands tick,
the lights flicker, and a cockroach crawls by.
As I brisk walk from that old coffee shop,
voices turn into murmurs.

In a few steps I come to a halt, I press the button.
Red turns to green - 14 seconds, I say to myself.

There's time, there's time.
Then the noise of the cars
zoom, drowning out my muted spirit.
Alas, I reach the other side, continuing to race on.

I take a quick glance at a lit signboard.
It reads: our dream home.
Plucking up courage, quickly, I run,
my shoelace comes undone.

My feet get lighter every second
as I continue picking up speed.

The moment I falter,
the pain sets in.
But as soon as I know it,
I reach home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!]
So there you have it - a birthday celebration for the nation.

To mark the nation's 46th birthday, NDP 2011 - a musical in five acts - ended on a colourful note with a pyro-musical.

Earlier the integrated NDP musical reflected the Singapore spirit in the lives of its characters. It also challenges us to embody the Singapore spirit in our daily lives.

Tonight's parade will be one to remember - for President S R Nathan had officiated the last NDP in his term. And it is truly a fitting end to his tenure as Singapore's second elected President.

Even though the parade has come to an end, the memories will remain captured in these photos.

1538 hours - Show hosts Suhaimi Yusof (partly hidden), Belinda Lee, Gurmit Singh and Denise Keller do their sound check.

1544 hours - Fun Packs for guests are checked and placed nicely on each seat.

1547 hours - A Military Policeman stands tall with pride at the President's chair.

1724 hours - Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports MG (NS) Chan Chun Sing arrives. He was the first in the Cabinet to arrive - rightfully so, from a protocol perspective.

1737 hours - Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean arrives and takes some time to mingle with people around him.

1740 hours - Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen makes his way to the holding area after his arrival.

1749 hours - Aljunied GRC Member of Parliament Chen Show Mao arrives and walks to the holding area.

1753 hours - Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew alighting from his car.

1842 hours - Two very young spectators cosy up to a National Serviceman.

1905 hours - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's motorcade driving off after his arrival at the parade.

1856 hours - Men from the Singapore Civil Defence Force march onto the stage for the Parade & Ceremony segment.

1908 hours - Representatives from various Uniformed Groups preparing for the Majulah! Moment as they await the arrival of President Nathan.

1918 hours - The Guard-of-Honour contingents lift their rifles and fire in the air for the feu de joie.

1919 hours - The Presidential Flag is raised beside the state flag.

1951 hours - Floor projections made possible by the Multimedia team.

2024 hours - The city skyline at Marina Bay after the pyro-musical.

2049 hours - NDP ushers revel in the party atmosphere after the parade.

At the end of every parade marks the beginning of another - with more rehearsals for months and weeks and then the cycle repeats and leads up to another parade.

But for now, it is time to wish Singapore a Happy 46th Birthday!

Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!